Forever Friends Pet Memorial Park


Several types of cemetery markers are available for purchase from Forever Friends. Whether you choose to purchase a marker for placement in our pet cemetery or for placement at a private burial lot, markers can be purchased from us. At all times, Forever Friends will try to accommodate individual designs and special requests by the pet owner.

Basic Marker

A basic sandstone marker is provided for each burial in the cemetery.  The approximate size is 6x9x4 inches.  The marker includes an engraved plate.  Inscription on the plate is decided by the owner.

Granite Markers

Many pet owners will decide to choose a granite marker for the gravesite.  Markers vary in size from 4x8 inches to as large as 24x12 inches.  These markers can be purchased for use in the pet cemetery or for private use by the pet owner.         

Approximate sizes available include:
$105.00 - $115.00

$120.00 - $130.00

$145.00 - $155.00

$150.00 - $175.00

$185.00 - $230.00

$325.00 - $375.00

$410.00 - $425.00

$450.00 - $475.00


Upright Markers

$575.00 - $675.00

Granite markers are generally 2 1⁄2 - 3 1⁄2 inches thick.  The exact price may vary with the cost of shipping.

Another marker variation can be the etching or sandblasting of a drawing of your pet on the stone.  Contact us for specific prices and information.

Many of the markers are also available in a variety of colors.  Some color variations include:
Salisbury Pink

Chapel Rose
Desert Rose
Flash Black

 Photo Markers Pet owners can also choose to have a metal photo or ceramic photo of their pet placed on the marker.  Metal photos generally range from 3x3 to 6x8 inches in size.  Ceramic photos can be both color and black and white and are generally oval or rectangular in shape.  Specific information is available upon request.